Hosting Meaning & WordPress Hosting Meaning

hosting meaning wordpress hosting meaningI will explain what is hosting meaning and what is wordpress hosting means as much as possible in this article. Also I will tell you the difference of web hosting and wordress hosting.

Servers are computers that continuously host your entire website’s data. Storing and publishing all this data means hosting service. Therefore you need to buy a hosting service to keep your site alive. When you buy a hosting service, you buy a specific space from a server that is constantly working. By uploading all your website’s data to the space where you have purchased it, you will begin to publish your site.



1. What is Hosting meaning?

2. What is WordPress Hosting meaning?

3. The Difference Between Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting

1.  What is Hosting meaning ?

The hosting service is provided through machines called servers, which are more powerful than computers. Therefore servers are always open and every moment of the day has to be accessible.

In fact, computers are computers. But these computers can not be the computers you use at home. Even if you have the necessary programs and hardware, your computer’s web connection speed is insufficient. Therefore web hosting services are running on structured systems so that they can be faster and seamlessly at any time.

The servers are kept in private rooms called datacenter. In these rooms, there must be a continuous system engineer, generator, air conditioner, Metro Ethernet (high speed internet). However, when all these materials come together, server and hosting services can be provided.

The mails are also provided via these servers.

Nowadays, hosting services are divided into “Linux” and “Windows”. There is no physical difference; hosting services are divided in this way only according to the installed software.

 Linux Hosting  is the type of hosting created by installing Linux operating system on the server provided by Web Hosting service. Linux web hosting offers a high performance, stable and secure service. Since it has PHP supported, it can work with content management systems (such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal) with stability and security. It can also run Java, Javascript and Flash applications smoothly. This type of hosting is increasing the number of users day by day because of its long history, high performance, reliability and more economical, so hosting services are offered to users.

 Windows Hosting  is a type of web hosting that has a windows operating system and can run ASP, ASP.NET programming language smoothly. Windows hosting can run PHP but Windows does not work very well on servers. For example, .htaccess file does not work. This hosting type has the ability to run in HTML, JavaScript, java and flash. If you have a site with MS Access, MsSQL database, you need to choose Windows hosting if you want to have trouble free and stable operation.

2. What is WordPress Hosting meaning?

what is wordpress hosting meaning

Hosting sector is a innovation and developing sector. These types of hosting, which evolve according to user needs, are now seriously preferred by users. Wordpress Hosting is also one of these hosting types.

WordPress Hosting is the name of the hosting service you will buy on servers that are specially prepared for your site with WordPress infrastructure.

Today, most of the web sites work with the WordPress infrastructure. Because it is PHP based software, it works more efficiently on Linux servers. In addition, WordPress Hostings are usually priced according to the number of visitors.

3. The Difference Between Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting differs in some features from web hosting. For example;

  • Web hosting can be installed without regard to Windows or Linux; WordPress hosting service uses the Linux system.
  • Pricing in WordPress hosting packages is based on the number of visitors who can enter the site, not the space or the traffic limit.
  • WordPress hosting servers are faster than normal shared web hosting packages.

It is completely set according to the needs of WordPress. For example 25% cpu is allowed in a normal hosting but it is 50% in WordPress. You need to be careful while buying WordPress hosting. Every company says that you need a WordPress hosting, but, some of them, only name of package is WordPress hosting (not optimized). Every hosting firm does not do it, some of them are doing optimizations, reducing the number of queries, allowing the site to open faster and get more hits.

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