Where to Buy WordPress Theme? Best Quality WordPress Themes (Templates) Platforms

In this article, I will talk about the platforms you need to use to buy wordpress themes. You will find the answer of this question; Where to buy wordpress themes? Best Quality WordPress Themes (Templates) Platforms. I assume you have enough information about the importance of WordPress theme selection. Because the theme selection really has a vital proposition to buy wordpress theme. So you should analyze the web site you want to create well and buy wordpress theme in the direction of this analysis.

Where to Buy WordPress Theme? Best Quality WordPress Themes (Templates) Platforms

Where to Buy WordPress Theme Best Quality WordPress Themes (Templates) Platforms

Now, to expose the general outlines of this article, review the subheadings and keep reading the article.

Analyze Your Projection in the Right Schematic

I want you to analyze your site in the most accurate way that you would like to spend your project on. Indeed, this step is very important to make the right choice of theme. First of all, I want to give some examples in order to give you an angle of view and to buy wordpress theme.

Example 1 – I want to have an institutional WordPress site, my company has no site or needs a new one.

Some readers want to make an institutional WordPress website. Rent a car, construction company, plumber, lawyer, estate agent, non-profit sites (associations, official institutions, etc.). If you want to have such a website and you are looking for a WordPress theme, you will notice the following.

For such projects, design is usually very important. Individuals who want to buy wordpress theme are often design-minded. Naturally, design is an important criterion, but remember that a good design can restrict you in some ways. Also do not be fooled by the pictures in the themes. Because those images are specially worked images to look better. You will change those visuals, use your own visuals.

Pay attention these when searching for a theme;

 #  Theme developers should help you when you need support. Because you will definitely be stuck somewhere and you will not be able to come up above some things.

 #  Focus to buy wordpress theme with modules useful for you more than choosing the theme that is beautiful in design. For example, you will select a theme for the driver course. We have been searching on Themeforest.net and you have 4 themes in front of you.

Driving School Theme Search on Themeforest.net

Driving School Theme Search on Themeforest.net

ImDrive Theme may have gone pretty well. However, Driveme and Education Pack have a lot more sales. According to their preference, they must have advantages. What could be the advantage? If you look a little, you will see that the Driveme theme is very useful and there are also many demo versions of the Education Pack theme.

Example 2 – I want to have an e-commerce site, I will sell on the internet

There is a much more important factor for e-commerce sites than design. It is the performance. Do not miss this. Because a slow e-commerce site is like a cafe that takes orders too late. So speed and stability are very important.

Another important issue for eCommerce sites is the support opportunities offered by theme developers. Ecommerce is already quite difficult, it also has a problem related to the theme and it can intimidate you if you do not find support.

Example 3 – I want my news site, I want to be in news business

If you want to set up a news site, your intentions are understood. Money is the aim on the game:) stay strong. A news site needs news and entering. In addition, the content entered is varied, such as pictures, videos, animations, etc. Therefore, it is under a great load and this load increases with time. So do not think about going out of the main themes on the market. (If you are not a good coder.)

Do not think too much, the number of these themes which are quite good in terms of performance and which have a lot of sales are few.  Already in the world millions of people buy wordpress theme (most of them are warez). At the end of this article, I will discuss these suggestions.

Example 4 – I want to have my blog, sharing my articles, and it maybe brings money in close future

The important thing here is if you want to make money in future? Because you have to make decision according to question.

If you do not have an idea of making money in the future, it is ok, in case of visitor acceleration you may change your mind and get paid support, anyway it depends on you.

No, I do not want to deal with it for the future. My articles will be enjoyed over the years, people will be shared, people will visit the site again and again, and if Uncle Google is going to take me to the top of the rankings for this reason, then read it. The very important culminates for you:

  • The way to make money is probably through Google Adsense. So you have to choose a theme that works for ad placements!
  • If you trust yourself, you say you will increase your paycheck, do not fall into the error of choosing a slow theme. Choose a quick theme
  • Keep reading. At the end of the article, examine the proposals that I will propose for you.

Example 5 – To have a Niche Site, Making Shares and Making Money About My Own Domain

You are the man. People like you makes money ezzy. Dont stop reading!

Now if you want to get niche site; The beauty of the theme (the design) has no meaning! There is one important criterion for you: SPEED! So you must choose a quick theme. Because you must have  a quick site to earn money, so you can find favor in Uncle Google’s eyes

Look at the suggestions at end of the article. I will have special suggestions in this regard;)

Example 6 – I have a project and I am looking for the most suitable theme for the project

If you have a project and you are looking for a suitable theme, then you are looking for special theme. A job site or a forum site etc. If you are thinking of setting up a site like that, then do not insist on finding the theme you are looking for. Wait as long as you need. You will understand the moment you see the right theme.

List Your Priorities According To The Final Decision of Your Analysis

Priorities are very important. You need to know what is the priority for you. Take time to identify them and be generous in this regard. It may be exaggerated to you, but I know we searched a theme for Wpdino.com for 1 month. You must buy wordpress theme according your priority. So, when you believe in a theme, do not hesitate to take it. If you are sure, do not kill your enthusiasm by prolonging the process

What could be your priorities?

  • Speed
  • Performance (low database query count and page size)
  • Design
  • Additional features (appointment system, map feature, forum feature, etc.)

Buy WordPress Theme / Suggested Theme Sales Sites

Take a look at the sites I proposed here and try to choose from them. You should take these proposals into consideration for not fail. . By the way,  these sites I recommend, give me some commission when you click on the buttons below and buy the theme. If you buy by clicking on the buttons below, you may support me for this 1000+ words, thank you 🙂 Dont wait to buy wordpress theme, good luck!

1 –  Mythemeshop.com

MTS is doing really well. With theme performances and incredible support, they are always the ones that I recommend. It gives very good results especially about speed. I suggest this for 1, 2 and 3.

Note: Remind us that we selected theme from Wpdino.com for Mythemeshop. For Wpdino, we decided to use the Schema Theme. Because this theme basically works with only 4 database queries. While the average value was 40+, this superior performance of the Scheme theme pushed us to use this theme.

2 – Themeforest.net

Thousands of theme options available. It is not possible that you can not find what you are looking for. As a second suggestion, Themeforest.net comes to the fore with a variety of themes. But there is one thing I want to pay attention to: if you do not have the knowledge to understand how good a theme is, buy one from the best themes. This is for 2.

3 – Templatemonster.com

They offer very nice themes especially in design. Many of them offer lifelong support. I suggest this for Example 1.

4 – Enginethemes.com

Enginethemes.com a company that I have followed, I like very much, I buy and use themes and follow up with special project themes. Especially Microjob Engine Theme is quite eye-catching. People get the theme and come up with an idea”I must do it” 🙂 I strongly recommend Example 6.


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