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Welcome to our page about What is WordPress CMS. On this page I aimed to answer the question “What is WordPress CMS?” If you have experience on WordPress CMS, you may know all this contents. But if you have just heard about it or have no idea, it is sure that you will enjoy reading the page “What is WordPress CMS”.

Firstly, you want to make a website, but don’t you know anything about coding? Do you think that you will never have a website because you don’t know ASP, PHP or other web programming languages? Never mind!


With Wordress you can setup almost any type of websites! Also setting up and managing WordPress is very easy. It is just depends on your decision and your passion on learning.

Once you learn WordPress CMS, you can have any type website you wanted. For example a blog, video platform, e-commerce website or anything you want. Variants are unlimited.


This is critical question: What is WordPress? Therefore, let’s do a brief description: Wordpress is a Content Management System. So shortly called as CMS. You can setup your website with a CMS and manage without any coding knowledge. Probably wordpress is the easiest way for CMS to setup and manage a website.

 So here the scenario: You want to create a website but you know nothing about coding. You must learn details in case  you decide to make your website with a CMS and decide to use WordPress CMS. 

In addition I want to explain why I am suggesting you to use WordPress for setup your website.

WordPress is easy to learn and manage. More importantly, WordPress has many advantages from any other Content Management Systems. Especially you should choose WordPress if you think to create a blog. Looking for the answer the question of what is WordPress, there you find some clues.

  • WordPress is the best SEO friendly CMS
  • There are many type of WordPress themes
  • There are many useful plugins of WordPress
  • WordPress is being more powerful after every update

Furthermore, you can find all popular websites making with WordPress here.


Also there are different content management systems like Blogger, Joomla and Drupal. But the most popular CMS is WordPress by a long shot.

CMS Usage Statistics

While CMSs help us to have a website, some content management systems fulfill the need. For example; Opencart is a CMS that helps us to have an e-commerce website and vBulletin help us to have a forum website.

You can have any type of a website that you want with WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Therefore Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla are the most popular CMSs.

what is wordpress cms wordpress vs drupal wordpress vs joomla wordpress cms usage statics

CMS Usage Statistics

Hence you can find all usage statistics of different content management systems from here.

WordPress vs Blogger

Blogger is a Google service and very popular because of it is free. But your domain will be in yourchoise.blogger.com concept if you want to use completely free. If you want to use a custom domain like yourchoise.com, buy the domain and change DNS addresses of your custom domain with Blogger DNS addresses. But consider that earning money with Blogger is not easy because of ad placement of blogger isn’t so flexible.

wordpress vs blogger

WordPress and Blogger Search Results

WordPress vs Joomla

Joomla is more flexible than WordPress so you can do more customizing.  BUT you should know PHP language for having flexibility advantage. Even though Joomla has some advantages about flexibility on customizing, WordPress gives more features to its users with every updates and now there is thousands of themes and plugins in many categories for every need. So relying on many factors, I can say that choosing WordPress is wiser than joomla.

Hence you can find all popular websites made with Joomla here.

Furthermore, the number of joomla developers is very few than WordPress developers.

Wordpress vs Joomla comparison the number fo freelancers

WordPress vs Joomla, Comparison via the Numbers of Freelancers

Also I suggest you to take a look the infographic. I took this from Wpengine.com ‘s blog. May give you a clue about WordPress vs Joomla.

CMS Comparision: Joomla Vs WordPress Infographic

CMS Comparision: Joomla Vs WordPress Infographic

In conclusion, winner of “WordPress vs Joomla” is surely WordPress.

WordPress vs Drupal

Firstly, decide to WordPress or Drupal is all about your needs, because if you need complex features, you should choose Drupal. Probably it is the most flexible and stabile CMS. Also Drupal is hardest CMS to learn and you should consider that it may takes too much time to solve it when you have a problem and probably you will make mistakes on SEO settings if you have no experience.

Hence you can find all popular websites made with Drupal here.

Wordpress vs Drupal comparison the number fo freelancers

WordPress vs Drupal, Comparison via the Numbers of Freelancers

It seems like the most important advantage of Drupal is the security. Because of the infrastructure includes a general security structure and in-depth security reports. For this reason, banks and institutions that store private personal or financial information should prefer this content management system. At the head of the reasons why the White House, which is one of the most attacked institutions in the world, and similar government sites is the security.

The graphic at below will give you some idea about how hard to learn Drupal is   😀  

how hard to learn drupal wordpress vs blogger wordpress vs drupal wordpress vs joomla

Learning Curve For Popular CMS

How choose CMS for my website comparison chart

How Choose CMS For My Website – Comparison Chart

Also I suggest you to take a glance at How to Choose the Right CMS for My Website article. I got the chart above from there.


Finally I prepared a few sample themes below. You can buy the theme that you like and setup a website easily.

So all the themes below are very especial. You can find any other themes via some research, but many of these themes sold thousands of copies.

seo friendly schema blog theme

You can have a fast and seo friendly wordpress blog with Schema WordPress Theme

socialme personal social theme

You can setup your own social-personal blog with socialMe WordPress Theme

interactive blog magazine wordpress theme

You can create an interactive blog&magazine website with Interactive WordPress Theme

sociallyviral free viral social wordpress theme

You can setup your own social viral website with SociallyViral WordPress Theme [FREE Theme]

video wordpress theme

You can create your own video website with Video WordPress Theme

justfit responsive fitness wordpress theme

You can setup your fitness&health website with JustFit WordPress Theme

builders construction wordpress theme

You can create your construction website with Builders WordPress Theme

woocart online store ecommerce wordpress theme

You can create an online store-ecommerce website with WooCart WordPress Theme

ecommerce wordpress theme

You can have your own ecommerce website with eCommerce WordPress Theme

Also I suggest you Themeforest to find well themes. There are thousands of wordpress themes and plugins at Themeforest.

#1   Firstly go to Themeforest and choose WordPress (also you can choose your category directly)

themeforest all wordpress themes

Themeforest all wordpress themes


#2  In addition you can find Best Seller WordPress Themes at Themeforest

Themeforest Best Seller WordPress Themes

Themeforest Best Seller WordPress Themes

Finally we finished with What is WordPress CMS.


√ WordPress is a system that allows to be made websites with any coding knowledge. You have already known that.

√ More than half of the websites based to WordPress Themes. You know that, too.

√ You decided to use WordPress because of many advantages of WordPress.

So, there should be a question you may wonder what answer is…


One of the main cases, you should choose the right theme for you. Because of Choosing a theme is not only about the visually.

To find the right theme, here my article you may read  → Choosing a WordPress Theme

If you want create a blog, you may want to look at this post  → How to Start a Blog– First Step

  • WordPress vs Blogger, WordPress vs Joomla and WordPress vs Drupal. What do you think?
  • What do you prefer; WordPress CMS or others?
  • What do you think about WordPress CMS?

I look forward your comments!


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