How to Start a Blog – First Step

If you want to write for your own blog by creating a blog website and you wonder how to start a blog, this article is completely for you.

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There are six steps easy to start a blog.

#1  Know Why You Want to Create a Blog
#2  Decide What is Your Blog About
#3  Choose a Theme
#4  Buy Domain Name
#5  Choose a Host Firm and Plan
#6  Install WordPress and Your Theme
#7  Start Blogging

How to Start a Blog

Before explaining these steps, we should remove some questions in your mind about blogging like that why you need a blog. If you do not want to read this article and you want to see the steps of creating a blog, you can skip this article and go to “setup”>

Probably you have researched a lot of web sites to find an answer to your question such as “How can I create my blog?“. I am sure about that you are going to learn to setup your blog in one hour by following my article. This article will be a blog guide for you.

I want to explain how you can create a blog and how can be a blogger without drowned in details and any technical information. Let’s go step by step.

Step 1: Know Why You Want to Create a Blog!

First of all, in contrast of what is known you don’t need any technical knowledge or to be an expert. What you need is a topic you want to learn it. That’s all.

While you are blogging you can learn your interest and you can share your article with people who related with the same topics, in addition you can make money with caring to blogging.

So, all you need is to decide about the subject what you especially want.

I want to talk about my own blogging trip. Why did I decide to create this blog with my friend? Before make this blog, we tried to earn money by creating a lot of websites about different fields even if we were irrelevant with these subjects. But we failed. Because we didn’t  know the subjects we want to improve ourselves.

Then, we realized that while we were failing and creating websites, we were going to interest in Wordpress considerably. Finally, we have decided to help people who want to create their own website. That was the step taking us to start doing what we like and improve ourselves.

Skip this article and pass to setup >

How to Start a Blog-For Begginers

how to start a blog for begginers

If you are still uncertain to create a blog or a website, these reasons will help you to decide and show you that what could you gain in the case of creating a blog;

  • Make money: Yes! It’s completely possible to make money with blogging. By producing unique contents you can increase your website visitors and you can start to earn money. You can make money in the way of  side income or maybe you could decide to do professionally, it is up to you.
  • Be an author: With your own blog you can be the boss of your job. Share your experiences with your followers and guide them while you are blogging. When you start enjoying to guide people, you never want to leave blogging.
  • Improve yourselves: By blogging you don’t just earn money, furthermore you can learn and improve yourself. Also you can be a guide for beginners.
  • Just fun: If you like blogging and decide to blog professionally, it is clear that you will be doing a job what you love. If you would like to learn and share your experiences with people who would like to following your articles, create your own blog and just write.

Let’s continue with step 2 “Decide What About is Your Blog”.

Step 2: Decide What is Your Blog About!

how to start a blog step by step

It may not be wrong, if we say that decision of what you interest in is the key to decide what kind of blog you should have.

You may say yourself that “I want to write a blog, but what about? That’s already the case. If you ask this question, you have already started to make a blog.

Many of bloggers had experienced same thing when they decided to create a blog. I can give you some clues about blogging subjects; I hope these blog ideas help you to decide which one is yours. You can find here; my 53 blog ideas article.

I must say something here, before deciding on your blog.

  • It’s crucial to choose a subject what will you like it. When you write a subject you don’t like, ıt leads to lose your potential readers.
  • In addition, you should definitely choose a niche subject. I mean that write on specific topic. Both Google and your readers will like your blog at the same time.
  • Also, I would like to recommend you to write about on a conversational topic. It leads to gain more comment from your readers and you can improve yourselves more.
  • Finally enjoy blogging and stay in touch with your readers.


  • You don’t have to be an expert on any subject. All you need is to enjoy blogging and learn a topic what you will want to like.
  • You don’t need to learn any technical information for writing blog. Writing for your blog is too easy like writing on MS office programs.
  • It’s quite possible to make money with blogging if you produce epic contents. Just, try to be unique, money will pursuit you.
  • If you want to success on blogging, you have to spend time, labor and be patience(“no pain no gain!”). When all of these are combined with a little bit perseverance, it’s inevitable to be success.

With this article I tried to talk about my experiences about “How to Start a Blog”. Read and share this article for people who don’t want to struggle with details.  These readings will save you from more mistakes by learning unimportant details at the beginning.

Part 2 contains information about choosing host, domain, theme and other important setup clues. By clicking below you can read the article named “How to Start a Blog 2”. which is about processes of being a blog owner.

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