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Great ! You want to create your own blog but you dont know how to start a blog. After you read this article you will have your own blog in an hour.

There are easy seven steps to start a blog. If you want to read, I have explained two steps in my article How to Start a Blog – First Step detailed. I am going to pass these two steps briefly here. 

#1  Know Why You Want to Create a Blog
#2  Decide What is Your Blog About
#3  Choose a Theme
#4  Buy Domain Name
#5  Choose a Host Firm and Plan
#6  Install WordPress and Your Theme
#7  Start Blogging

Note: You may choose other platforms like blogger, joomla or drupal for your blog. As I suggest you to choose WordPress for your blog, I writed this article about setting up a wordpress blog.

Step 1: Know Why You Want to Create a Blog

There are many reasons to start a blog if you like to write something. Best reasons;

  • Make money: Yes! It’s completely possible to make money with blogging. By producing unique contents you can increase your website visitors and you can start to earn money.
  • Be an author: With your own blog you can be the boss of your job. Share your experiences with your followers and guide them while you are blogging. When you start enjoying to guide people, you never want to leave blogging.
  • Improve yourselves: By blogging you don’t just earn money, furthermore you can learn and improve yourself. Also you can be a guide for beginners.
  • Just fun: If you like blogging and decide to blog professionally, it is clear that you will be doing a job what you love. If you would like to learn and share your experiences with people who would like to follow your articles, create your own blog and just write.

So don’t think about how to start a blog, just start with the first step.

Step 2: Decide What Your Blog About is

First of all you might be thinking that I want to write blog but what will be my blog subject. On the other hand you are not component in one subject and you don’t know that what you will do. That’s already the case.

Many of bloggers had experienced same thing when they decided to create a blog. I can give you some clues about blogging subjects; I hope these blog ideas help you to decide which one is yours. You can find here; my 53 blog ideas article.

Step 3: Choose a Theme

Theme selection is very important step of how to start a blog question’s. Because your theme is your face what say hi to your visitors. Be sure that you do not want to meet them with a sullen face.

If you don’t want to pay for a theme and if you want to choose one of free WordPress themes, you can pass to step 4. But I don’t recommend free themes to have a better blog. According to my experinces I definitely recommend premium themes. If you want to learn differeces between free themes and premium themes, you should read my Guide for Selecting a WordPress Theme article.

There are a lot of theme options.

#1   Firstly I recommend Mythemshop for better premium and discounted WordPress theme. Click here to sign up ( There will be open a new tab. ) You can see the purchasing stages below.

mythemeshop sign up theme choose seo compatible

When you click to sign up, you can become a member with your name and email or you can proceed to connect with your Facebook and Google accounts. And then you can view all themes and plugins.

how to start a blog choose a theme and get it


#2   My second advice is templatemonster. They have a huge product range ( Over 65.000 premium templates ) including plugins. You can get %10 discount if  you sign up by clicking here. 

how to start a blog template monster sign up wordpress discounted themes plugins

how to create a blog get a discounted theme plugin

#3   Another option is You can sign up and get discounted themes and templates. Also themeforest present to it’s users about 30K different type themes and templates from $2.
themeforest discounted themes how to start a blog

#4   In addition to them, there is can be chosen.

As a result of this part I want to say that if you want to do blogging professionally and earn money from it, you should buy a premium theme. Because of free themes have not enough  performance about speed and SEO friendship of websites. Also when you need help about your theme settings or when you want to change anything about your theme, there will be no one to help. When you get premium, you will have a chance to get help from live support team. You can be sure that you will need it.

So let’s continue with step 4 of how to start a blog article…

Step 4: Buy A Domain Name

To answer the question “how to start a blog”, domain name choice is important. Firstly, let’s do domain definition and learn domain’s meaning.

Domain Definition: Domain means the name of your blog or website like

Of course there is a cost to having a domain name. This cost is almost $5 per year as long as you do not want to have a special domain name.
domain means domain definition buy a domain name domain means domain definition

Domain Name Choosing Criteria

  • Choose an easy to write name. Make things easier for your visiters
  • Memorable name is important for returns
  • Choosing a keyword domain name to take you one step ahead
  • Stay away from signs and numbers
  • Keep it short

So,  if you decided to your domain name and get it.

So, there is choosing a web hosting service and planning step of “how to start a blog article”.

Step 5: Choose a Hosting Firm And Plan

Firstly I will answer briefly that what is the meaning of hosting, for those who do not know.

Hosting means that server places where your files are stored 24/7. There are many hosting firms that you can receive services and store your files. Some of those ;


It’s different to get hosting between hosting firms. I will explain with bluehost briefly.

First of all you should choose wordpress hosting category from the side.
wordpress hosting means install bluehost how to start a blogThen you should decide to your plan. Choose one ideal is for you.
hosting plan choosing how to start a blog

After choosing your plan, domain name screen will meet you to choose domain name. When you type your domain name to new domain area, if the name was taken hosting firm will suggest to you similar names. If the name has not taken, you will continue with the payment part.
domain means domain name selection how to start a blog steps

So we finished 5 steps of how to start a blog article. Let’s continue with another important step.

Step 6: Install WordPress and Your Premium Theme

When you sign in your c panel, you see wordpress below the head of installer. By clicking install you start to process.
cpanel blue host install wordpress how to start a blog
install wordpress how to start a blog

Then some steps to follow are like selection of protocol, domain name, blog name, enable multisite (if you have only one blog you should pass this part ), language options etc. Another important step is select theme. Keep continue without choosing any theme. You can learn to select theme steps in detai( in here.)

As a result of these steps you finish to install your blog.

So, now you have a blog. You can make your blog designs and settings from the WordPress admin panel after logging in to your blog.

Step 7 of How to Start a Blog: Start Blogging

Consequently you complete to install your blog. What is next? Next step is learning to use wordpress and be sure that it is easier to learn from Microsoft tools such as word and excel.

It takes at most a week to learn wordpress detail. It is easy and fun.

Finally you answered the question of how to start a blog. Be sure that you need to work hard from now since you are a blogger now.

So let’s get started blogging and try to write SEO friendly contents to reach your readers.

If you want to learn how you can produce SEO friendly contents, you can read it by clicking here.

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