How to get AdSense Account Approval

In this article I will tell you about Google AdSense account approval. First of all I must say that whether your site is old or new and it does not make any difference. You will have an AdSense account with a PIN if you read it carefully from start to finish and step through it.

Here how to get an approved AdSense account in detail in 3 chapters.

Google AdSense Account Approval

Google AdSense Account Approval


First of all I recommend you not to follow “AdSense account purchases & sales” in Webmaster forums or other social networking sites. Usually result in a ban on these type AdSense accounts.

Who may have Google AdSense account?

Website Owners (Webmasters)
Channels on YouTube
Owners of Android or iOS apps

2- GOOGLE POLICIES (Before AdSense Account Approval)

Getting a Google AdSense account is actually quite easy, but it just needs care. Applications made with poor quality websites are immediately rejected. However, the application made with a website prepared in accordance with the rules can be approved in a short time.

What are the quality criteria that Google AdSense specifies for websites?

  • Content: You should pay attention to the authenticity and quality of your content. Must be understood when it is read by the visitors. Also the texts and pictures must be seo compliant. Content is called king. If visitors can not find what they are looking for, you can not succeed even with original content.
  • About Us Page: It is very important to give information about the website.
  • Privacy & Terms: Your website’s publish policy should be explained carefully.
  • Visitor Resource: It’s important how you get traffic to your website. If fraud is detected in visitor traffic, your account will not be approved.
  • Spam: It’s a very sensitive issue. Never include spam content on your website.
  • Contact Page: Your website should have a contact page where users can reach you. Together with your address information and mobile number, you can add your website’s address from Google Maps to that page. Google cares about it. It will also be useful to add a map in terms of SEO. Because Google wants to know the people who works with.  Not only for the AdSense account, but also for your continuous stay. The contact page improves the reliability of your website.
  • Site Design: The design of the website is very important. A design that users can easily use and where they can easily access content is important. Note that the design is in line with the AdSense policies.


  • Regular Publishing: It is very important to regularly publish content on your website.
  • Theme and Content Harmony: First of all, the theme you choose is the most important thing for a website. The compatibility of the theme you use with your website is important for the user experience. In addition, many technical factors are important, such as the theme’s seo score, error-free coding. As a result, the theme is the most important element that attracts attention.
  • Social Icons: Yes, I know this is a different point of view but I think it is an important step. I have not had this experience, but social icons are important in terms of SEO for your site. So I think it’s also important in terms of AdSense .
  • Bounce rate: If we can not find what we are looking for on the site, we abandon the site quickly. Google bots perceive this and save it. The lower the bounce rate, the better. If your bounce rate is high, I would recommend reading this article: Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Website
  • Make at least 15-20 completely original articles on your website.
  • Do not have too much repetitive content at homepage. For example, let’s say that there are widgets for the last posts, there are widgets for the last comments, and there is a main content has already the last posts. Make the necessary adjustments to reduce it.
  • Make the excerpt value at least 700px, which is the visible part of your articles on the main page. Your homepage is more important than other pages. Check this If your AdSense application is rejected because of “insufficient content”.

For more information, you can read Google AdSense Terms and Conditions.

In general, if you apply by fulfilling the above conditions, you can get approval soon. You will be able to confirm your account with the PIN that can be sent to you a letter and start earning money.

I absolutely do not recommend you cheating or buying an AdSense account. There have been many websites with AdSense account without some of these terms I mentioned above. But many of them have been banned over time.

Your AdSense account will take 24 – 48 hours to be approved. Once, you get approval from AdSense , you can use your ads on other websites.

  • Have you applied for an account approval?
  • Have you ever been rejected?
  • How did you get rid of it when it was rejected?

I look forward to your comments and your thoughts.

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