Domain Definition | What is Domain Means and What is Domain Name

Hi ! You are wondering domain definition and you are asking what domain mean and what is domain name is. Here are all the answers of your questions about domain definition. Also we are going to talk about what is importance of domain name. Firstly let’s start with domain definition.

Domain Definition
domain means domain definition what is domain name

Domain means a name and an address of a website on the internet. Purpose of using domain name is to make easier to reach any website. Without  domain name, only way to reach a website is with IP address. So domain means that;

For example, you are reading something on a domain what named Domain names are expressed in letters which to rescue from difficulty of IP address numbers. Also domain names are more memorable from IP addresses. Namely if we would want to do an easy domain definition, using domain name is the easiest way to reach any website without having to memorize the IP numbers.

There are many DNS hosting services to having a domain. For example,, etc. Also you can request to register a domain from any web hosting firms for you.

In fact domain services are not for sell, you can just register them from one year to ten years. When you cut annual payments, that domain can be registered from other users.

After domain definition let’s look at DNS (domain naming system).

DNS (Domain Name System)

DNS domain naming system developed in order to establish a link between the IP address and the domain name.

Domain extensions are used to customize web sites for their purposes. These extensions are like;

com : Commercial organizations
net : Internet organizations
org : Associations, foundations
gov : For government agencies
edu : For educational institutions
mil : For military organizations

Choosing Domain Name

Your domain name means your identity on web. Because of that choosing a domain name requires a lot of consideration about it. Think your Domain name like your company name. Also you have to make sure that your domain name should be easy to find and memorable.

These five  criterias are going to help you to choosing the best domain name according to your budget:

  • Choose an easy to write name. Make things easier for your visiters
  • Memorable name is important for returns. Do not use confusing words.
  • Choosing a keyword domain name to take you one step ahead.
  • Stay away from signs and numbers
  • Keep it short. Choose your domain name short as soon as possible. I know that short domain names are very expensive but if you can allocate budget for domain name, You will have a strong start for a web site.

Domain Name Search

So by paying attention to these criteria below, you can start to search your domain name. Although it seems simple, choosing domain name is a very challenging process. This process can take a lot of time and this is normal. In this period just try to find a perfect name for you and write it any domain searches services.
domain name search domain definition domain means what is domain name

When you are searching, domain services will suggest you other options. Also maybe you can find a perfect domain name but it can be taken from another seller. At this stiation if you have a budget you can communicate with the owner of domain what you like it. For example will show you the owner’s information. You can talk to him and buy your domain from him.
domain name registar domain means domain definition what is domain name


As a result of this domain definition article, domain means a lot of things to achieve success on web. Consider all of these suggestions and try to choose a domain name what fits you.

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