Choosing a WordPress Theme

Choosing a wordpress theme is so important that I can say it’s  a matter of life or death!

Assume that you have chosen a wordpress theme but it’s SLOW one

Probably you will try to optimize the theme and you must know that you have no chance. Because it is very precision work. So, optimizing a theme requires professionalism and caution. When you underestimate to choose the right wordpress theme then you feel sorry, you are going to loose your motivation. I hope you never face with a situation like that.

Assume that you have made a good decision about choosing the theme in a good way;

But, you missed out that the theme that you had bought was not the one of the SEO friendly wordpress themes. When you worked on your project with this theme, you realized that your traffic did not increase as your expectation since your theme isn’t SEO friendly. How dramatic situation, isn’t it?

choosing a wordpress theme

 !  Keep this in your mind that selecting a theme is a matter of life or death as I said up there.

 !  Additionally you must give it time to choose the best theme for yourself. It may take 3 days or 30 days. No matter how much you research, no matter how much you spend your time, you must be sure that you are going to begin with right theme for your website.

Also you get healthy results if you search right terms. For example;

Best Themes or Best WordPress Themes → Bad search

Best SEO Friendly Themes, Best E-Commerce Themes or Best Video Themes vs → Good search

So your decision depends on what you need. It seems like that theme researching terms are getting specify and gaining importance day by day..


Firstly, choosing a premium wordpress theme is going to cost you some money. But I always suggest the premium wordpress theme because of many factors. One of the factors of using a premium theme is about making many contributions for your success in the long term.

First of all, premium themes are encoded by professional web programmers and designers during months. So, technical teams give their time generously to develop premium themes. Themes are being tested in each step while developing.

Also premium themes have many features to use such as Schema Theme has been used here at Wpdino.

Here some futures of Schema;

  • Many Preferences of Widgets, Header, Footer, Menus vs.
  • Social Features, Sliders, Styling Options (Lightbox, Site Background)
  • Performance Settings (Prefetching, Lazy load)
  • In Built Review System
  • Fully Responsive
  • Well Documented
  • Very Fast and Elegant Support System


Most of all, if you have bought a premium wordpress theme, you can ask developers to solve your problem. Almost every WordPress theme buyer faces with some problems. So when you have a problem or want to change something, you can ask to support from the theme developers.

For instance, you can take a look Schema by Mythemeshop support forum here.


Firstly I want to explain that why I need to use this title. As you know, when we decide to open a website, one of the first things that we do is to determine a theme. But most of us care about visuality of themes when we research.

As I mentioned above, selecting a wordpress theme is very important for the future of your project. You are going to need premium features to improve your project. So, at the beginning you should think about the features which you will need to.

NOTE: You can check easily theme speed and database query count. Simply copy a theme demo url and go to GTmetrix, then paste the url and analyze.

Some features that you are going to need:

  • Fast Loading
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Friendly Structure
  • Clean Encoding
  • Lazy Load Feature
  • Fewer Database Requests

Some features that you may need:

  • Woocommerce Compatibility
  • bbPress Compatibility
  • Buddypress Compatibility
  • Google Fonts Compatibility
  • Ready for Translation
  • Drag&Drop Page Bilder
  • Review System
  • Rating System
  • Mega Menu

In conclusion, I suggest you to be careful about features of theme. If you decide just because of the theme seems nice, this will be bad attitude and you may be sorry (probably you will!).


I can suggest some tips for you in aim of making ease your works. First of all, I suggest you to be generous about giving time to yourself. Selecting a theme is one of the most important steps to success. Therefore you should be aware that you are working on an important step!

#1  Answer These Questions to Begin

Here some main questions to determine what you need:

  • Did you finish your research about the features what you need?
  • Which one of these features are essential?
  • Do you know your own audience? What do they like? What is the expectation of your visitors?

Note these answers.

Footnote: If you are going to use Buddypress, bbPress or Woocommerce plugins, do not forget to check compability.

#2  Where to Buy

I suggest you a few platform that you can choose a wordpress theme. Probably you will find your theme at these platforms. They are known good at this industry and there are many quality themes in range.

powerful wordpress themes from mythemeshop 250x250Firstly I suggest Mytemeshop preferably. Because MTS is a team that they present many advantages with their themes. Almost, all of themes are very fast and SEO friendly. These 2 factors are so important to you.

I suggest you sign up to Mythemeshop. Because they send discount regularly to members via emails.






powerful wordpress themes from TemplateMonster 250x250

Also you should check TemplateMonster to find right theme for your project. There are 15,000 themes (1,500+ WordPress Theme) and about 500 new designs developing in every month.

The themes of TemplateMonster are more expensive than other platforms. Because TemplateMonster includes lifetime support, and developer team working on each theme and lots of features.





Themeforestpowerful wordpress themes from ThemeForest 250x250 is another online store of themes and more popular from TemplateMonster. Because the prices are lower than TemplateMonster.

You may choose a theme from ThemeForest because of prices starting from $13 (If budget is a factor).






#3  Endnotes

Also these tips will help you decide to select a theme;


  • What do you think about selecting a wordpress theme?
  • What is your main criteria while choosing a wordpress theme?
  • Do you have any additional idea to decide on the right theme?

I look forward your comments!

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