CDN and SEO – Is CDN Good for SEO?

Today, even if we think that we can use fiber internet even in houses, the delay of 3-5 seconds that we could tolerate in the past is now unbearable. Of course the concept of speed on the internet depends on many factors. CDN and SEO are two concepts connected to each other tightly. I will talk about the positive impact of using a CDN service on SEO. In this article, I would like to talk about CDN technology and its impact on SEO, which I hope it to be useful for web publishers.

CDN and SEO - Is CDN Good for SEO

CDN and SEO – Is CDN Good for SEO

What is CDN? What does it do?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a content distribution channel that provides the static media files you use on your site in different data centers. Big sites have vital presets for survival and speed.

It is a system that allows you to transfer the files (image, video, code libraries, all JavaScripts, flash files, fonts, sound files, widgets) in the directory of your internet site from the nearest server to the visitors in different locations. The primary purpose of using CDN is to get the website and additional files as soon as possible. The use of the cdn and seo reduces the load times on the main server while reducing the load times that are extended at long distances. In summary, we can see CDN as a technologically and cost-effective server optimizer.

Assuming that visitors to your site live in Italy. The distribution channel closest to him/her is calculated immediately and files are sent to your visitor from Italy through the Roma data center. Similarly, a user requesting from Japan may find the answer Tokyo data center. Of course this can vary depending on the CDN provider.

Benefits of using CDN – CDN and SEO

Your site opens more quickly because there are distribution channels in different locations at using cdn and seo.

In the case of a failure in the data center used by your CDN provider, requests are directed to other data centers to help keep your site constantly open.

Speed is also an important factor in terms of SEO, which is directly beneficial in terms of SEO.

What is the benefit of CDN using for SEO?

As your pages get faster, your page score will increase on Google and other search engines. You can monitor your values through Google Pagespeed Monitor. So, search engines will index your pages faster.

On internet sites with high file loads (Flash, Video, Sharing), file upload speeds will increase and increasing speeds will also positively affect visitor satisfaction and the time visitor stay at your site.

Thanks to the server in the near location on Global hit sites, Global Page Speed will increase and your local SEO score and visitor satisfaction will increase in remote areas of your server. In short, they will enjoy walking around on your internet site. As a result, your traffic will increase and your ranking positions on Google results will rise.

Does CDN have no negative effect?

To sum up, of course CDN does not have a negative  for SEO side, but sometimes it can be an ad optimization. In some cases, CDN services offer your files to the other party so quickly; Ads from companies like Google AdSense and other companies have passed other pages without seeing the user. Rarely, Tou can see such a negative side. However, I do not evaluate this situation negatively, and prefer to be as fast as possible.

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