Blog Ideas | 53 Most Popular Blog Topics

Before giving blog ideas, I want to emphasize something. If you desire of making a blog, and you are worried about to be successful, You must get rid of that fear. It’s not possible to know if you will be successful or not.

Nowadays, everyone has a blog website but it doesn’t mean that each blogger is producing quality contents. You will set your blog on a specific topic and produce epic articles. There is also a person who producing better jobs. You should try to be that person.

Don’t forget that you are the only obstacle between you and your success. Believe in yourself and work.

most popular blog ideas

most popular blog ideas

Now let’s go to blog ideas. If you are wondering which topics are the most popular blog and how to make money with blogging?

Here, some blog ideas;

53 Blog Ideas and Topics

  1. Personal trainer / training blog
  2. Healthy food/ fitness / gym blog sağlıklı beslenme
  3. Body weight exercises blog
  4. Diet / lose weight tips 
  5. Ridesharing / carpooling / transportation advices blog
  6. Car donation
  7. Animal rights 
  8. Learning English / learning language
  9. Child education and early childhood education blog
  10. Rules for writers
  11. Carrier and money blog
  12. Recycle and solar energy blog
  13. Science blog
  14. Fashion blog
  15. Homemade beer
  16. Cooking blog
  17. Self defense sports ( martial arts )
  18. Photography 
  19. Urban farming
  20. Extreme sports
  21. Guitar / ukulele lessons
  22. Auto repair blog
  23. Garden and home decoration blog
  24. Beauty secrets
  25. Makeup and skin care tips
  26. Best cities to live
  27. Motivation blog
  28. Tour guide blog
  29. Technology blog
  30. Gaming blog
  31. Smart phones
  32. Movie review
  33. Political issues
  34. Book, cinema  and theater criticism
  35. Effective communication
  36. Business life blog
  37. Accommodation
  38. Estate blog
  39. Personal blog
  40. About women / men
  41. Dog training
  42. Sexual life blog
  43. Naturel foods
  44. Law blog
  45. Game tricks
  46. Sailboat training
  47. Success stories
  48. Fishing tips
  49. Surfing and diving
  50. Iphone
  51. Mobile applications
  52. Cities / Citizenship / living conditions
  53. MS Office programs

As you can see there are many blog ideas and you can also enrich these blog ideas.

You might like a blog idea but you can think that you are not an expert about it. This is the best part of it. You don’t need to be an expert. Just think about the topic makes you happy. Choose it and get start to work, search, explore, learn and teach.

Additional Blog Ideas

As an additional idea, let’s assume that you are interested in smart phones and you want to improve yourself. You have to give information and details. Thus you can improve yourself and might be telling to people futures of phones. At the same time you will level up to be a good blogger.

First of all decide a blog topic and move on. Put aside your thoughts that you can’t success and jump into the blog sea. Don’t worry, I promise you not to be drowned.

Anyone who knows swimming, know the taste of salty water to. The matter is take a look to taste saltwater to learn and gain something. ( Do not force me to do Shia LaBeouf ‘s “Just Do It” motivational speech, because I do )

It is up to you. Leave your fears and start blogging.

Finally, don’t forget that it is too easy to create a blog, the matter is producing content. If you decided to create a blog, read my articles to learn creating a blog step by step. (” How to Start a Blog ” and ” How to Start a Blog 2 ” )

So I want to give some more specific blog ideas. Actually, if I did not create this blog, I would want to create a blog related to one of below subjects.

Create a Blog About Your Hobby

As I said before your blog should be related with a topic what you want to like while writing. The best way to choose a blog topic is depend on choosing your hobby. Because you already love your hobby. You can make a list of your hobby.

This can be everything like cars, travel, dancing, fashion (It’s very popular), home decoration, painting, books, policy, health etc.

There are a lot of people around the world who interest in the similiar hobbies. Don’t you want to share with them your products or your opinions. Then they can comment to your blog and provide to improve yourself.

Create a Debate Blog

Another idea is a debate blog what always attracts people’s interest.

You can determine a discussion subject by typing your own ideas about something. This subject can be recent news, politics, elections or anything close them. You can also offer to people to debate subjects to share their opinions. Top rated subjects will be next debate subjects.

If you can make a difference about debate blog, people can be show a great interest.

Create a Criticism Blog (For Instance “Movie Criticism”)

Are you someone who likes watching movies ? Do you go to theater every week ? Maybe you like to read books.

Here it is your blogging topic.

There are too many movies what people want to watch. You can create a blog including your reviews about movies. With this way you will inform people about movies, theatre or books. On the other hand you will watch movies with a different perspective. After a while you can see the details and you will proceed to be a professional at this field.

A Blogging Idea About Your Profession

If you have already a profession about any topic or you have already doing this job for a while, here it is your blog topic at the same time. Don’t think that ” who wants to read my writings about my profession ?”. Be sure they will.

There are a lot of person who does the same job with you. Even though there aren’t, there are a lot of person who want to learn something about your profession.

Roll one’s sleeves up and start the work.

Create a Blog About Technology

If you are interested in technology, you can introduce to people electronic devices such as smart phones, laptops etc. who wants to buy them. Maybe you can review and test these devices and write your opinions about them. Everyone does a research before buy something.

But this topic has continuity. If you don’t have enough information about technology and you want to blogging, you should be careful and do researches before your posts.

Create a Blog About Universities

It’s one of the favorite blog topics of mine. If I were you, I would want to do one of two options at below.

#1  I would want to create a blog what about education, living conditions, social facilities, transportation and communications of universities. Students want to know all of these and more.

#2  My second choice would be a blog that introducing for only one university( for instance your univercity)

Create A Blog About Transportation

Transportation could be chosen as another blog idea. If you are a person who like travel or interested in public transportation systems, You can think this idea because of there is a broad target market.

Almost everyone travels every day in cities. You can make bloging about problems of transportation systems, purpose to find some solutions and you can critize deficiencies by a sarcastic language.

As a result of this article, I hope that I give you an information about blog ideas. Now it’s your turn. Decide what you want to do. If you need any help about creating a blog with wordpress, you can read more and follow the steps.

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