Wpdino.com is launched in November 2016 by 3 WordPress lovers, hoping to be a reliable source of support for all current and potential WordPress users. With 4 expert writers in the field, it’s a WordPress guide blog that focuses on solving the reader’s problems.

Our Vision

As Wpdino we are creating original and quality contents about WordPress themes and plugins, hosting, SEO, blogging and monetizing your blog. We want to serve our readers who are interested in WordPress.

For the purposes of

  • To guide users who are new to WordPress to make their first steps easier.
  • We constantly improve ourselves, stay in contact with our readers who are interested in our contents, and helping them whenever they need.
  •  To inform our readers with quality content in order to prevent the difficult mistakes made in the first step about vital matters like domain, theme and hosting choice,

In summary; the main aim of  Wpdino.com is being the first address who needs help and exchange ideas for WordPress.

Wpdino – A Notable WordPress Guide Blog

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